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                Laurie Beechman Theatre Frequently Asked Questions


How do I purchase tickets for the Laurie Beechman Theatre?

You can buy them online via by clicking here -> .

Please be aware there is no box office for the theatre.

What if I'm running late?

Unfortunately, we are not always able to hold seats for latecomers. To ensure admittance to the venue please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled showtime.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Yes, if there are still seats available and the performance isn't sold out. You can buy tickets at the door only when the house opens an hour prior to show time. Please be aware it is cash only at the door and it is never guaranteed. We recommend purchasing tickets online. 

Where is the entrance to the theatre?

The Laurie Beechman Theatre is located in the lower level of the West Bank Cafe, at 407 West 42nd street corner of Ninth avenue and 42nd street in Manhattan. You need to enter the West Bank Cafe, walk through the main dining room towards the back and then go down the stairs.

Is there elevator access?

Yes. The elevator is located at 400 West 43rd street, it is the Manhattan Plaza apartment building elevator.

You will need to call 212 695 6909 to advise the theatre you are coming and need elevator access, take the elevator to the basement and Beechman staff will be waiting to escort you in.

How early do doors open before a show?

Whenever possible, our goal is to open doors 1-hour prior to performance time.

Do I need to reserve a table separately, as well as purchasing my tickets?

No. Laurie Beechman Theatre is all table seating. Once you have purchased your ticket that is also your table reservation.  RESY is utilized to reserve a table at the West Bank Cafe only.

Can I still gain access to the Laurie Beechman Theatre even if i forgot to print out my confirmation? 

Yes. For most shows, we are sent a list on the day of the performance with all the names who have purchased online. Simply say the name at the door to gain entry to the theatre. If confirmation is needed the house manager may ask you to show your ticket confirmation on your phone.

My friends and I have tickets to the same show that we bought separately, can we still be sat together?

Possibly. When the theatre opens, which ever guest arrives first, advise the house manager of the other parties names and they will do their best to accommodate.  Please note, this will not always be possible if we have large parties who purchased together.

What menu is served in the theatre?

The Laurie Beechman Theatre and West Bank Cafe share the same kitchen and menu, which can be located on the above menu link. The Laurie Beechman Theatre offers a full bar and food menu.

Is food served during the show?

Yes. As soon as the house is open and you are sat, you can order straight away. You can order during the show as well, up until 30 minutes prior to the shows end time. Please be aware gratuity is no longer applied to checks automatically.

If I eat upstairs in the restaurant, will that count towards the food and drink minimum downstairs?

No. You cannot transfer your check from the restaurant to the theatre. All items must be purchased in the theatre to count towards the minimum 

How do I book my show at the Laurie Beechman Theatre?

Please fill out the form on this link. Due to the high number of requests we do receive, If there is interest in the show, you will receive a response promptly. No phone calls please.

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